Curbside pickup is available seven days! Local delivery (to Halifax, Plympton, and Oak Point only) is available Mondays and Wednesdays, $20 minimum order for pickup or for delivery please! All prices (except for mulch, loam, etc.) now include sales tax. Call 781.293.6792 to order.

Dom’s Marinated Meats: Most products are priced individually by weight; prices vary accordingly.

  • Steak tips: Original or balsamic fig
  • Turkey tips: honey BBQ
  • Chicken breast: Italian, lemon pepper, sweet ginger chili
  • Chicken wings of fire 🔥 SOLD OUT
  • Original chicken wings
  • Ground beef SOLD OUT
  • Ground beef patties SOLD OUT
  • Sausages: sweet Italian or Chinese links
  • Pearl hot dogs

Oakdale Premium Marinated Meats: FROZEN one pound packages—beef $14; pork $8; chicken or turkey $7 each.

  • Beef sirloin tips: Steakhouse, Tennessee whiskey, Asian fusion, red fire dragon sauce
  • Pork: Chinese style strips; bourbon street tenderloin tips
  • Chicken tenderloins: Italian style dressing or garlic Parmesan sauce
  • Turkey tenderloin tips: Bourbon street
Pasture raised in Plympton, preservative and hormone free chicken! Now in our fresh and frozen meat cases.