Who We Are

Nessralla Farm traditionally offers seasonal vegetables, fruit, flowers, shrubs, and decorative fare. We are proud to sell locally grown products and produce knowing that we’re providing the best quality. We grow much of our produce ourselves, and source more from local growers. We supplement with specialty items that may not be locally grown. We are not an organic farm, but some of our local growers are. Our focus is always on providing the best quality food for your money.

DURING THE CURRENT  CORONAVIRUS CRISIS we are offering a complete menu of produce that includes both locally grown and not.  We are trying to provide the very best quality produce at the very lowest price, for curbside pickup and delivery.

We wholesale produce as well as flowers, pumpkins, cornstalks, and more. If you’re a retailer looking for wholesale products, call us at 781.294.1767 for more information.